a cartoon bear from the game AlphaBear 2 with rainbow hair and a robe with cats in the pockets

About me

Hi everyone! I'm a thirty-something human in the United States of America. My preferred pronouns are he/him. I'm married to my college sweetheart and we've decided not to curse any children with our genes. During the day I run data queries using SQL, work on office applications to help co-workers, and think about how soon I'll be done for the day.

I'm very shy and introverted offline. My favorite sports are baseball and women's ice hockey. I enjoy listening to podcasts about crime, disasters, trivia, or history. I also like reading non-fiction history.

Lately I've become less interested in regular social media. In fact, this website exists partly as a way for me to maintain an online presence for friends and family without using social media. I look forward to blogging about things I find interesting without the pressure of getting likes or immediate reactions.

Hopefully this gives you a sense of who I am. If you want to get in touch or follow me online, feel free to contact me through one of the methods below!

Where to find me